DC Light Dimmers/Power Controllers

You enjoy the light dimmers in your home. Would you not like the same convenient lighting control on your boat? Our dimmers offer the convenience of two or more full function switch locations. In addition, the use of a Reddford Technology dimmer yields a direct reduction in power consumption. Our dimmers always soft start your lights, greatly extending the life of your bulbs. With their multiple switch capability and the ability to accept input from other digital equipment our dimmer/controllers lend themselves to installation in sophisticated lighting systems.

We offer two models of light dimmers/power controllers to satisfy any need:



Our original model, the DCD-20 can be controlled by just about any kind of switch, including your existing bulkhead or dash switch. The DCD-20 can support an unlimited number of switch locations. Switch types can be mixed and matched from location to location depending on Decor and environment.


The DCDE-20 supports two rotary switch control locations. Developed for those that prefer rotary controls, the last knob changed has control. Turn your lights ON/OFF or set the brightness from either location.