DCD-20 Dimmer/Power Controller

Thats right! The DCD-20 can support an unlimited number of just about any kind of switch to turn your lights ON/OFF and control brightness. Designed for use with momentary switches; push button, toggle or rocker, the DCD-20 can support single push button or single throw rocker or toggle switches, or double push buttons or double throw toggles or rockers at each switch location. Short switch activations turn the lights on or off. Long activations adjust the power level.

The unit learns how it is wired. When installed with a single throw switch at each control station a quick push will turns the lights on or off. Push and hold adjusts brightness. The direction of change is reversed with each adjustment so if you overshoot the level you want just release the button, wait a moment, and push and hold again.

Installed with double throw switches or two push buttons at each switch location one side of the switch functions for On and brighter, the other side as Off and dimmer. Four turn on levels are available:

Full bright, last used level, 50% and minimum power.

Because any switch can be used as a momentary switch you can even use you existing bulkhead or dash switch with the DCD-20. With a little luck (meaning you can easily get at the wires going to the switch) the DCD-20 can be installed in minutes with no additional wiring. Just cut and strip the two wires going to the switch and insert the four resulting ends in the appropriate terminals on the DCD-20 and you are done!

Please read the DCD-20 Operation Guide for a complete discussion of the amazing flexibility of the DCD-20.


MSRP $134.95 including packaging & USPS Priority Mail delivery.