DCDE-20 Dimmer/Power Controller

The DCDE-20 was developed primarily for those who prefer rotary knobs for lighting control. It can support two control stations. To the best of our knowledge the DCDE-20s ability to support two rotary controls is unique!

The DCDE-20 changes smoothly from one of its sixteen power levels to the next.

The dimmer features an exponential power curve which provides an even change in illumination with each click of the encoder .

The DCDE-20 powers up to the level set on the main encoder. This makes it particularly convenient when wired in-line with an existing circuit switch. Just flick your existing switch ON and the lights will soft start and ramp up to the level set on the main knob. After power up either knob can control the power level or turn the lights on and off. The DCDE-20 has been very popular as an instrument panel dimmer. One unit easily powers all of your gauges lights and the compass binnacle light as well. A single unit can handle all of the needs of both upper and lower helm stations of dual station boats.

The compact rotary encoders are connected to the dimmer/controller with snap-in modular cables. The combined length of the modular cables can be up to 250ft allowing the control unit to be located where the load carrying wiring is easily accessible and the control knob(s) to be installed where they are most convenient. 

MSRP $154.95 including one control encoder, one 6ft modular cable, one black & silver knob, and USPS Priority Mail Delivery. Additional control encoder & knob;$14.95.

50ft Modular Cable; $14.95. We can also fabricate custom length cables* of any length. Call for details.


*Cables are standard three line flat telephone cables and are readily available at electronics outlets or can be easily fabricated by anyone who does telephone or computer cabling.

DCDE-20 Dimmer/Power Controller

Shown with optional second control.