DCWE-20 Intermittent Wiper Control

The easily installed DCWE-20 brings the convenience of intermittent wiper operation you take for granted in your automobile to your boat.

The DCWE-20 is compatible with ALL windshield wiper motors.

You keep your boats individual wiper switches (if so equipped) so you only run the wipers you want. One unit powers all of the motors so all selected wipers run together. Having your wipers running together is much less annoying than having two, three or more blades thrashing away independently.

The DCWE-20 has sixteen positions, from continuous operation, to short 1/2 second delays all the way out to a maximum delay of two minutes nine seconds. No more turning your wipers on and off repeatedly in light rain, mist or spray.



For spray situations any change to the pause control will cause a swipe. You have hit a wave and want to clear the windshield without waiting for the next automatic cycle; just turn the pause control one click either direction, and back, and the wipers will make two passes, one for the new position and one for going back.

Only the compact control switch(es) is installed at the helm. The control switch’s compact size allows it to be mounted near the wiper switches or wherever it (they) will be most convenient. The attractive black and silver knob(s) are the only visible part of the DCWE-20 wiper system. No bulky, hard to operate touch screens, etc.. Operation is simplicity itself.

When installed in self parking wiper systems only the Pause knob is required. With OEM wiring, which utilizes double pole switches, when the first wiper is turned on the unit powers up and the blade makes a pass. It then initiates the pause interval selected. As with manual park wipers there is no off state current with OEM wiring. Installed as a retro fit in existing self parking systems the unit is always on and ready to go. If the controller happens to be in a pause cycle when you turn on a wiper just make a change to the pause knob as you would for spray and the wiper will make a pass. Installed with existing single pole switches the off state current is a low .3 watts at 12 volts or .6 watts for 24 volt systems. You can of course use OEM wiring in your existing system if you change out your existing switches for double pole models. Double pole switches are available in virtually all switch styles likely to be found on your boat.

When installed with manual park wipers two controls are used. One knob (Sweep) selects the motor run time, so the wipers make one full swipe per cycle, the other (Pause) selects the intermittent delay period. You adjust the Sweep control for the wiper in front of your helm. When you turn on the first wiper the unit powers up and makes a pass. It then initiates the delay selected on the Pause control.


MSRP:Manual Park Systems $169.95, including the two required encoders, knobs and 6ft cables. Self Parking Systems $189.95, including one encoder, knob, and 6ft cable, and one diode block assembly. and auxiliary power supply.

Both systems include USPS Priority Mail delivery.

Shown with two controls as shipped for manual parking wipers.