DCSE-20 Ship’s Whistle & Bell Sounder

Lower helm station. Selector switch for horn or bell is just visible at the upper left.

Flying Bridge control.

Safety and convenience, the DCSE-20 provides both. Capable of producing all of the signals required during periods of restricted visibility it can be used to sound the maneuvering signals as well*.

We hope you never have to use some of the supported signals but they are available if you should ever need them, and the label provides a handy reference to what they all mean.

Use of the DCSE-20 to make the maneuvering signals will insure that you meet the time requirements specified by the Rules.

The DCSE-20 can control the most powerful boat horns without interfering with the operation of your existing horn buttons in any way.

The DCSE-20 supports two control locations, for upper and lower helm stations.

With the purchase and installation of the optional bell striking kit the unit will also sound your bell. If your boat is equipped with a bell please call for details about the bell striking kit.

If the situation warrants, a quick CCW twist will sound the Doubt or Danger signal, leaving both hands free to maneuver out of harms way. If you need to make the doubt/danger signal again just move the knob to another position in the doubt or danger area.

The top quality vinyl dash plaque will conform to curved surfaces, increasing potential mounting locations.

Installing the DCSE-20 is straight forward and easy.


*Notice that the off position is bracketed by Engines Astern, three shorts, and Under Way Making Way, one prolonged. This facilitates using the DCSE-20 for sounding the maneuvering signals. If you want to make one prolonged, the coming out signal for example, just turn the knob one position clockwise, wait for the horn to stop, and back to off, thus insuring you have met the 4-6 second requirement of the rules. In the same manner using the Engines Astern to sound one or two short blasts ensures you fulfill the one second requirement for these signals.

MSRP $159.95 including one control encoder, knob, 6ft cable and dash plaque. Also includes USPS Priority Mail delivery.

Additional control encoder, knob and plaque, $19.95

50ft modular cable $14.95.

We can also fabricate cables of any length. Call for details.