Both models of our Dimmer/Power Controllers are excellent speed controls for brush type DC motors. They work very nicely as fan speed controls. Their small size facilitates installation and their full 20 Amp capability will drive the largest DC fan motors. The DCD-20 offers infinitely variable speed control. And of course all of the switch possibilities available when it is used as a dimmer apply to its application as a motor speed control. Because it powers up at the level set by the Main encoder the DCDE-20 makes a better choice when installed inline (in series) with a thermostatic switch (thermostat).


When used in applications where the motor has significant flywheel effect, or where the motor may by driven by its load, the Dimmer/Power Controllers may require the installation of a diode or the auxiliary power supply used with the DCWE-20 Intermittent Wiper Control when it is used with self parking wipers.


If you are interested in motor speed control please call us so we may discuss your particular application requirements

Motor Speed Control