Common Features:

Powerful 20 Amperes Capability:

Twenty amps will power 240 Watts of bulbs at 12 volts, 480 Watts for 24 volt systems and an amazing 640 Watts in older 32 volt systems. Our intermittent wiper control will easily drive Four, 5 amp wiper motors. The Ships Whistle and Bell Sounder will drive the biggest horns, or air horn solenoids, likely to be found on any boat.


Compatible with 12, 24 or 32 volt dc systems: (no 32V self parking wiper systems)


Rugged Construction:

All of our products are housed in anodized aluminum extrusion. We even go to the trouble and expense to de-burr, radius and polish our extrusions to insure you do not shred you arm reaching around one of our parts while working on other equipment in what is often a tight area behind the dash or elsewhere. Electronic components are encased in UL listed fire resistant epoxy. The main power transistor in all our products is polarity protected against the most common installation error. It is also over temp protected.* Our power connectors, and the switch connectors of the DCD-20, are rated at 30 Amps and will accept up to 10 gauge wire. The oversized switch connectors facilitate the use of existing wires and allow for the insertion of multiple wires when installing multiple control stations with the DCD-20. The connector screws and clamps are plated and coated for anti-corrosion protection.

All of our products contain a hardware watch dog that prevent the units from passing any significant current unless the part is running properly.

*It would require a double fault, i.e. a wiring short and a failed circuit breaker, to overload the part to the point it would heat up enough to shut itself off. Our products built in self protection is not a substitute for properly sized and installed fuses or circuit breakers.


We use top quality commercially available components to build our products. Every unit is inspected and tested multiple times during the assembly process. It we did not think our products will provide years of reliable service we would not offer our limited life time warranty.

Ease of Installation:

Being series wired, our products do not require a ground wire* which greatly facilitates installation, as does their compact size. The fact that control wires can be up to 250ft long allow the power units to be installed at a location where wiring is readily accessed and control switches to be located where they are most convenient.

(*The auxiliary power supply used with the DCWE-20 Intermittent Wiper Control when installed with self parking wipers does require a ground wire, so it is not technically series wired.)

Products May Be Installed After The Load: In other words they can be installed in the ground lead. If the positive lead is short or in a cramped location it may sometimes be easier to access the ground wire. This is not applicable to all wiper control installations or to the Ships Whistle Sounder.

Dimmer/Controllers May Be Installed Mid Circuit: This feature can be useful if for example you do not want all of the lights in an existing circuit to dim. Your specific existing wiring will determine if mid circuit wiring is feasible.

Control Wiring Does Not Carry Any Circuit Load:

Allows the use of small gauge wire for switch wiring and reduces voltage loss by shortening the length of load carrying wires.

Ability to Dim LEDs: Our dimmers can control of an incredible number of LEDs.

Our Dimmer/Controllers Have The Capability To Accept Input From Other Digital Devices:

Our products are digital devices and have the ability to accept control inputs from other digital devices.

If you are interested in this exciting possibility please call for an explanation of how our units can be implemented in your designs.

All products are shipped with a complete and easy to follow Installation & Operation Guide.