channel, i.e. four times 600 Watts per channel. Another big difference between our DC dimmers and AC household units is volume. Although we hate to say it, there is no way our primary market, the marine industry will ever approach the unit volumes that are expected for household AC units.


If the main transistor is rated at 100 Amps why are your products only rated at 20 Amps?

Two reasons. First reliability. By limiting our parts to 20 Amps we insure that they never run hot or at their limit, which with a little luck , should make them last virtually forever. Secondly we have not seen a market for a more powerful part. We have never seen a circuit breaker for lights, wipers or horns greater than 20 Amps. There are probably some out there, but they are rare. If a market develops we could easily build a 30 or 40 amp part.


You have talked a lot about how your dimmer/controllers work. How about your other products?

All of our products share the same basic design and operation. The wiper control and Ships Whistle Sounder use the micro-controller built into each unit to control when to turn the power on and off at full power instead of how long to be on for each pulse.


Will slowing the speed damage my motor?

No. Motor speed is reduced by lessening the power it receives, not by lowering voltage. Our dimmer/controllers will not cause your motor to overheat. At very low speeds the motor may hum a little but this will not damage it.


FAQs Continued