Commercial Applications & Custom Parts:

Our products have been used in some interesting commercial applications. The DCD-20 has been installed in a textile factory in Greece. It has also been installed in the Helsinki, Finland Light Rail system to control instrumentation LEDs. The DCDE-20 is used by a traveling theatrical production where its repeatability allows consistent lighting from performance to performance, i.e. act 2, scene 3 use position #10.

You get the picture, power and reliability are of primary importance in industrial applications and Reddford Technology products provide both.


Reddford Technology is also able to rapidly and inexpensively design and produce custom parts for commercial customers. Tell us your DC power control requirements are and we can quickly tell you if a modified version of one or our parts is a feasible solution. We have a variety of programs for our units and one may be close to your requirements. The Helsinki Light Rail units mentioned above had a restricted power band. The military qualified dimmers are modified versions of standard DCDE-20 dimmer/controllers. Prototypes are reasonably priced and unit prices drop quickly with volume.